Our operations


Before exporting dates, we follow the best preservation process for our product. If it kills or reduces microorganisms, as well as preserving vital processes and oxidation


One of the most important operations that we carry out on our dates products is the process of cooling and placing the dates in suitable packages that contribute to reducing the exposure of dates to moisture. The preservation period reaches three months


The aim of drying is to reduce the humidity that contributes to the growth of microorganisms, and the preservation period is up to one year


We export alfalfa, which is dried fodder in a way that preserves a large amount of its nutritional value, in order to benefit from it in times of scarcity


Mechanical presses and other manufacturing machines are used to reduce the size of alfalfa after drying and harvesting it from the ground, which helps in the transportation and marketing of fodder to distant places and exporting it


We are working on exporting the finest types of fresh potatoes after harvesting them from our farms using the most accurate and modern methods


Importing and Exporting

We specialize in importing and exporting alfalfa dates after preserving them and preparing them for export with the latest machines and taking into account the smallest details to reach the customer with the required quality.

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